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Hit the ground running, let the smile never leave your face with our specially prepared breakfast, let the glitter of Bosporus always shine upon you. We brought carefully chosen local products with our own presentation to you table. Cenrifugal Flower Honey from Çamoluk the garden of Blacksea, a must in the breakfast from Afyon; sucuk and our daily brought Manda kaymağı, Acuka a paprika delicacy; prepared with cummin from Tokat city and fresh walnuts from Bursa city, jams from the fruit city of Antalya, aged cheese and Thrace and white cheese from Ezine town, wonderful tulum cheese from Erzincan city, eggs of the organically raised chickens from Çatalca region, Çivril Muskası which prepared from homemade filo pastry (yufka) from Çivril town-Denizli… these are only a portion of the unbelievable delicacies of HUQQA. Don’t miss out the opportunity to experience the whole local delicacy feast.


Relieve your tiredness with a 5 o’clock tea and ravishing desserts in HUQQA. Don’t think about the organization when you invite some guests. Let the Qurabiye make the preperations. We will prepare the best of the best, surprise your guests. Let your chat never be interrupted.


Be sure that you hooka is carefully prepared. Packaged hookah tube (marpuç), special blend tobacco, constantly cleaned exclusive bottles, high quality coal and unchanging quality await you.


Enjoy our VIP Rooms. There are times where we want to be just two of us or in a meeting or just a date night with girlfriend alone, sometimes baby shower celebration, sometimes surprise birthday party for a friend, sometimes playing a friendly game on a console and sometimes we want to cheer for our favorite team together. We value your special days as HUQQA family and if we happen to be a part of it, happy for us.


We continue to present you the most famous world kitchen delicacies with our every October or November updated menus. Don’t think a flavor can’t be flavored. Cajun Chicken Finger, Beef Nachos with its fascinating sauces and Chicken Wings with a special hot sauce are the most favorite starters of HUQQA who always takes into consideration the wishes of its guests. Homemade Simit Sandwich with salmon and cream cheese and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich from California are two of the most suggested delicacies from ourSandwich menu. Salmon salad with dynamite sauce and Quinoa Tabule Salad are for those who want to eat lighter and for main dish Islama Köfte (meatballs on toasted bread soaked in beefbroth and red pepper) a specialty from Adapazarı region, from one of the HUQQA specials Calf Paillard, Milano Saltimbocca, Chicken Di Pana are some of the most favorite dishes in HUQQA. Most beloved Oreo Cheesecake, Baklava Cheesecake, Cocoreo Nutella crepe and Cannoli with white cheese and white chocolate are some of the breathtaking delicacies in our menu. Chef’s favorite Snickers Cheesecake is going to be a surprise for snicker lovers and is added in to the menu as HUQQA special. In addition to all these, with 200 different beverage options, HUQQA is one of the irreplaceable. With its Cherry Lemonade, extraordinarily presented and beloved taste of guests “Saksı”, prepared with the freshest pineapples and coconut, with its distinctive presentation the beverage Pochet and Pumpkin Spice Latte with its catchy pumpkin taste is going to leave a mark on your palates. You will discover the harmony of Nutella and nuts with Nutella Nut. Coffees prepared with Latte Art, fruit and herbal teas, smoothie, detox and alcohol-free cocktails are drawing great interest. MUCH MORE THAN A RESTOURANT



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